Microsoft rsquo s Albert Shum Design leaders need to be teachers #Design

#Design | Albert Shum, Microsoft’s CVP of design, always assumed teaching is like managing a team. Then he taught his first course at the School of Visual Arts and realized it’s anything but.
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Liz Peek Biden out of touch ndash this is what he doesn t get about Americans on COVID lockdown anniversary

#Ndash | The other night, the president addressed the nation in his first prime time address, on the anniversary of the COVID lockdowns. His speech was at times dismal, at times boastful, but the sum of his remarks was entirely at odds with the mood of the nation. 
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Doja Cat Cynthia Erivo led the fashion march at the Grammys

#Cat | Doja Cat went for neon feathers and a moto-inspired look zipped all the way down as the stars offered up fashion live and in person at the Grammys
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